Winter Wedding Ideas!

Summer is nearly over, at least in Vermont! Regardless of this, there’s still many couples that choose to get married during the winter. While most people think summertime is the most ideal time to get married, winter weddings are an absolute blast if you can think outside the box!

Winter Wedding

Photo Courtesy of Cragun’s Resort

1. Icy Centerpieces – Most wedding events are held indoors. Bring some of the outdoor flavor inside and incorporate ice carved decor at your venue! If you have a particular theme for the wedding, your ice decor can can go alongside with it.


2. Invitations that Match the Weather!  – If it’s snowy outside, have fun with it! Consider taking your wedding invitations in the snow. This couple decided to write their wedding date in the snow for their invitations.

3. Winter Flavored Food – How about a s’mores bar or a hot coca bar? I don’t think many people would expect that and it will surely be a hit that your guests talk about for years to come!

Smores Bar

4. Winter Themed Honeymoon – If your going all in on your wedding, why not keep up with theme for the honeymoon. Hit up a cozy cabin at one of your favorite ski resorts or travel abroad to an icy country!

Regardless of how you go about your winter wedding, if you’re in Vermont, reach out the wedding DJs at Green Mountain Beats! We’ll work with you to create a warm and welcoming environment for you and your guests for your big day. To learn more about us, request your custom quote today!