Say Thanks to Your Groomsmen With the Perfect Gift


Weddings are memorable times, for sure. There’s the ceremony with the rings and the kissing, the announcement of the married couple before friends and family, and the fun reception, which typically involves letting loose and getting groovy on the dancefloor to some hot music played by the cool DJ.

If you’re the groom and you’ve got groomsmen, what kind of gift can you give to them as a token of appreciation for being there for you on your big day?

Think about this: groomsmen have to rent a tux, they have to hang out with your family members (even the weird ones), and they have to be on their best behavior (ideally) in front of moms and dads and uncles and aunts. That’s a lot to ask of most guys.

So it makes sense to give a gift to your buddies as both a reward and a thank you, essentially saying, “Hey dude, thanks for giving up your time and energy to help make my wedding day awesome.”

Guy stuff works well for gifts for groomsmen. Try and get stuff that’s useful and practical, but stuff a guy normally wouldn’t buy on his own. Consider giving a silver or leather flask, a unique, engraved pocket watch, or a monogrammed wallet, cigar case or set of cuff links. These are all classy ideas.

If you want to do something a little different, consider giving them something that will help them bond together after the wedding is over, like a gym membership, tickets for a fishing/hunting trip, or gift certificates to the local go-kart track or batting cages. Include yourself, and you’ll ensure time with them long after the last piece of wedding cake is eaten.

Bottles of expensive liquor, airline tickets to Vegas, and courtside seats to basketball games are also great ideas for groomsmen gifts.  Bottom line: think about who your groomsmen are, and what they like. Then, personalize their gifts as best you can so they’ll truly appreciate them.