Ideas to Liven Up Your Wedding Reception!

These days, it’s all about surprises. After all, when you watch most reality TV shows, there’s almost always a surprise twist, right? Well, for a couple’s first wedding dance together at the reception, one simple way to surprise and delight guests is to switch it up. Start dancing together to a slow song like the Etta James’ classic, “At Last,” and then have the DJ switch it up in the middle to a faster dance song like “Forever” by Chris Brown. Invite the guests toward the end of the song to join in so it’s all one big party that’s started off in a fun way.

Wedding Reception


Party favors help liven up a reception, especially if they get people talking and taking pictures. A photo booth complete with props is a good way to get guests to let loose and try on different masks, boas, glasses, wigs and accessories.

If kids are attending the reception, figure out a place to put them with a babysitter on the premises so they’ve got age appropriate activities (coloring, watching a cartoon) to do while mommy and daddy are dancing and drinking in the main room. That way the kids are never too far away to check on, but they’re also not bothering the adults with temper tantrums or crying fits.

As for food, don’t be afraid to think out of the box. Set up three different food stations where guests can pick and choose from things like pasta, tacos or veggies, complete with different toppings. Even something as simple and easy as setting french fries on every table as a snack can put smiles on people’s faces.

Finally, the way to keep guests ‘til the end of the party is to promise them something to look forward to at the very end so they’ll feel compelled to stay. It could be fireworks in the parking lot, a big group picture to be taken from a drone, or the debut of the married couple singing a song together for the last dance. Again, surprise people. Even something like a surprise appearance by an Elvis impersonator or belly dancer can infuse some needed energy into a party.

Green Mountain Beats can provide the soundtrack to your reception. You’re welcome to help plan the playlist so music you like will be played, while also taking into account that the DJs know which particular songs have the power to get the most people dancing on the dance floor. To learn more about us our services for clients in Vermont and beyond, contact us today