How to DJ Corporate Events!

Corporate Event

Have you ever been to a lame event? People want good food and drinks, good conversation and good music. If one or more of those elements is missing, the event is considered lame.

Corporate events, for example, can sometimes seem a little lame if there’s no music at all or worse– the DJ-in-charge does not know what the people like to hear. Can you imagine a room full of Country fans being forced to listen to Eminem and Rihanna? Or a bunch of Seniors being perplexed by Lil’ Wayne? Musicians have to know and understand their audience, and that’s why the DJs from Green Mountain Beats are popular– they do just that! DJ Nico and Rome have their fingers on the pulse of cool music that certain crowds enjoy. Green Mountain Beats is well versed in hip-hop, rock, techno, dancehall, reggae, country and reggaeton music.

Green Mountain Beats can infuse your next corporate event with the hottest new music, pro-grade lighting, and fun DJs who take requests. DJs need to please the people or else they’d be out of business! It’s better for a DJ to be willing to take requests than to shut people down with a big “no” when asked if they could play a certain song. There are some songs that DJs are tired of hearing, but the public demands– songs like “Celebration,” “Y.M.C.A.,” and “Brown Eyed Girl.” A good musician will play those songs even if he or she is personally sick of them. And those songs always seem to get people smiling, singing along, and dancing, when the time is right for such a thing during an event.

Corporate events are typically private events held by corporations or businesses for their staff, clients and/or stakeholders. Bigger corporate events include conventions and conferences, while smaller events may include general meetings, retreats, or holiday parties. The head honchos want to essentially reward their peeps with a great time– the kind of event people will be talking positively about for a long time. The music needs to be on-point.
DJs are like middlemen between the powers-that-be and the crowd. They need to listen to both and handle a microphone well, so that the big wigs get to say what they want, and the crowd gets to feel good as the DJ pumps ‘em up with hype. The DJs from Green Mountain Beats are masters of events. They know and understand how events work, when the right times are to play certain types of songs, and how to get a crowd excited or simmer them down, as needed.

Whether it’s mellow background music or high-energy danceable, sing-a-long songs hyped by the DJ, Green Mountain Beats can handle any type of event for any type of crowd. They’re flexible, adaptable, and smart when it comes to reading a crowd and knowing how to get a corporate event going so that people have a great time.  Serving New England from their homebase in Vermont, Green Mountain Beats can bring the music and the fun to corporate events all over!