Common Mistakes to Avoid at Your Wedding!

At Green Mountain Beats, we’ve been been hosting weddings in Vermont and beyond for years, so we know a thing or two about what makes for a great time at a wedding! Today we’ve compiled a 5 often made mistakes made, to help future couples ensure that their special day goes off exactly how they envisioned.

1. Plan Out Your Dance Floor: The dance floor is where your friends and family will spend a good portion of the night. You need to pick out a designated space, even if you are having a wedding at a non traditional venue.  People like to dance, making sure they have their allocated space do this in is a must!

Wedding Dance Floor

2. Don’t Leave to Early: Your guests have traveled from all over the world to be at your wedding. Don’t leave your event too soon. Make sure that you have enough time to meet and greet with all of your guests.

3. Pick a Wide Variety of Music: There’s going to be a wide variety of people of all different ages. So picking a wide collection of music that ha a little something for everyone is important! Make sure you have a musical collection that ranges from The Jitterbug to Whoomp There It Is so everyone has some music that their familiar with.

Wedding Music

4. Preplan With Your Vendors:  From the wedding photographer to the florist, you want all of your vendors know their roles. Your vendors are a collective team and having open communication with them will ensure your wedding’s success!

5. Relax: There’s so much pressure on having the perfect wedding. Before your big day, take a big breathe and relax, because at the end of your event marks the start of a lifelong companionship.

Looking for a wedding DJ in Vermont? Reach out to the team at Green Mountain Beats and let us work with you to make your special day truly special!