5 Pieces of Advice for Planning Your Wedding

We’ve already told you about the best wedding planning app on the planet, but we’re back to give you five more pieces of advice for planning your wedding. We’ve been to countless weddings in Vermont and we’ve spoken with hundreds of brides and grooms, so you can be sure our advice is solid!


5. Think Carefully about DIY Projects – Unless you are supremely artistic in the ways of crafting or your great aunt is Martha Stewart, we highly suggest you think twice about any DIY projects. Be honest with yourself and your artistic abilities, and if you need to hire someone to do something professionally, do it! We don’t expect you to bake the wedding cake, but this includes everything from flower arrangements, decorations, hiring a wedding DJ and more.

P.S. Please don’t let uncle Jerry take the wedding pictures… You’ll thank us later.

4. Write “Thank You” notes as gifts come in – Don’t get behind with thank you notes unless you want to spend your honeymoon writing notes to Aunt Rose from the Bahamas.

3. Give up your planners and notebooks and use Google Docs – Let’s be honest, you already have a free Google account, so why not utilize some of the tools they provide? You can access Word, Excel, and others from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Stop lugging around old notebooks and adopt a more modern way of planning!

2. If you must give favors, give food – Don’t give your guests something that will probably end up in the trash. We’ve never seen a snack go wrong (although you may want to ask about food allergies) as a gift for guests. Above all, no DIY gifts (see above for more info).

1. Stop trying to be so darn unique! Let’s be honest, weddings are not original. They’ve pretty much followed the same process since the beginning of time. Even if you want your wedding to be the greatest and most unique wedding possible, you’re only fooling yourself. Unless you can pull off the Chris Brown wedding dance from The Office, you’re time is better spent choosing the right cake, creating the best registry, and enjoying the process.

Speaking of The Office wedding dance…

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